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Durkee Embroidery Machine Cap Frames


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Introducing Durkee Cap Frames – all metal frames allowing embroiderers to embellish caps with logos and designs more than 2 1/2″ tall. Durkee’s cap frame attaches to a multi-needle machine just like a normal hoop. The bill of the cap is clamped securely in place while the embroiderer presses down the front portion of the cap held in place with sticky backing/stabilizer. Our cap frame allows the embroiderer to sew a design or logo approximately 5″ wide and 4 1/2″ tall. After completing the front of the cap, the embroiderer can turn the cap around and clamp the back tabs of the cap in place to embroider the back of the cap as well.


Happy Cap Frame – 360 NS
Janome MB-4 Cap Frame
Brother/Baby Lock 6 & 10 Needle Machines – Cap Frame
Melco Compatible – Cap Frame
SWF Compatible – 360NS – Cap Frame
SWF Compatible – 500NS – Cap Frame
Toyota, Brother Commercial Compatible – 360NS Cap Frame
Barudan Compatible 520QS Cap Frame


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Embroidery Cap Frame

Baby Lock 6 & 10 Needle, Barudan Compatible 520QS, Brother 6 & 10 Needle, Brother Commercial compatible, Happy 360NS, Janome MB-4, Melco Compatible, SWF Compatible 360NS, SWF Compatible 500NS, Tajima 360NS, Toyota 360NS


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