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NEB Embroidery Bobbins Black 24ct.


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24 NEB  Bobbins blister pack


  • Plastic sided bobbins are not affected by humidity or oil.
  • Continuous filament polyester is wound parallel for smoother running.
  • No lint, fuzz or wax buildup (means less cleaning–more production)
  • No hanging up in the case due to bent cardboard sides.
  • Clear sides allows you to check thread without removing from the case.
  • Save up to 15% by using the bobbin to the end–no waste.
  • More usable yards means less down time and more production!
  • Stonger tensile strength – less thread breaks – more production!
  • Set tension and sew to the end
  • Economically priced



These will fit many home and commercial embroidery machines as well as quilting machines. These bobbins are the same diameter as a nickel and measure the same thickness as 4 1/2 nickels stacked. Style L is 9mm. Please make sure these bobbins will fit your particular type of machine before buying.


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