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TCS Clamping System Gator Embroidery Slim Line I


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Rail Mounted
Clamping System

The Slim Line 1 is the lowest profile clamping system available on the market. With 9 window sizes available, from 2”round to a 6”x 5” rectangle. The Slim Line 1 is a perfect choice for embroidering smaller, difficult to hoop items like purses, lunch bags, knit caps, Christmas stockings and many other items.

The Slim Line 1 & 4×4 window set with thin material top clamping frame.

  • Single lever opens, closes and locks the clamp.
  • (9) interchangeable window sizes to choose from.
  • Mounts directly to machine drive bar for positive attachment.
  • All metal construction, powder coated aluminum & stainless steel.
  • Mounting adapters are available for all major single head machines.
  • The clamp automatically adjusts to different fabric thickness.
  • Clamping action does not leave “hoop burns”
  • Clamp stays on the machine while loading and unloading.
The Slim Line Chassis

The heart of the Slim Line Clamping System is the Clamping Chassis. This is how the top and bottom windows are loaded to hold the fabric and backing to be embroidered. The single lever opens, closes and locks the windows, sandwiching the fabric and backing in between the top and bottom windows. The clamping windows mount to the base and clamp arms and the mounting adapter attaches to the sides. All this in a package that is only 1” high.

(9) Window sizes for the Slim Line–1 Clamping System

The Slim Line 1 has (9) window sizes available, each best suited for particular size applications. We offer different window sizes because everyone wants to sew the largest design in the space available. Fitting a window inside a pocket requires choosing a window size that will fit inside the pocket or opening while still leaving enough room for the sewing arm to move. Since the size of the openings is almost unlimited, we have a range of sizes and shapes that will work for most applications. Some windows have more specific uses. The 2” round is great for monograms and initials, the 5” round is great for sewing the back of caps. The right & left Side of Cap windows are used to sew on the sides of caps. And of course the (5) rectangular windows give you a range from 2.5” to 6×5” and sew flat as well as tubular applications.

Window Sets

Window Sets for the Slim Line 1 come as a 3 piece set. There is a base adapter window that fits into the base of the clamp chassis, and 2 top clamping windows. The stainless steel clamping window, (thin fabric) is used for thinner fabrics and the flat aluminum window (heavy duty) is designed for thicker less flexible materials like heavy canvas bags and portfolios. The window sizes are quickly and easily changed by hand I seconds with no tools required.

Additional information

Make of Embroidery Machine:

Barudan 15" arm span, Barudan 20.25" arm span, Happy 14" arm span, Happy 19.5" arm span, InBro 14" arm span, InBro 19.5 arm span, Meistergram 15.5" arm span, Meistergram 21.5" arm span, Melco Amaya 15.5" arm span, Melco Bravo 15.5"arm span, Renaisance 14" arm span, Renaisance 19.5 arm span, SWF 14" arm span, SWF 15.5" arm span, SWF 17 5/8" arm span, SWF 19.5" arm span, Tajima 14" arm span, Tajima 19.5" arm span, Toyota 14" arm span, Toyota 19.5" arm span, ZSK 15.5" arm span, ZSK 19.5 arm span

Window Set

2.5" x 4.0" Window set, 2" Round Window Set, 3.5" x 5.5" Window Set, 4.5" x 4.5" Window set, 5.5" Round Window Set, 5.5" x 3.5" Window Set, 6.5" x 5" Window Set, Hat Back, Left, and Right Combo, Hat Side Left Window Set, Hat Side Right Window Set


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